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Refrigeration & Beverage Centers

A cool beverage is always within reach with the range of Fire Magic refrigeration and beverage options. Ice makers, refrigerators, refreshment centers and even a blender are just some of the convenient Fire Magic accessories available to make your outdoor kitchen truly state of the art.



NEW Large Capacity Automatic Ice Maker 

  • Model: 3597
  • Cut-Out 15¼” w x 25¼” d x 34″ h

Outdoor rated ice maker produces 63lbs of ice in a 24hr. Period. Capable of storing up to 27lbs of individual clear ice cubes. UL listed for outdoor use. Continuously produces ice on demand as ice used. 


Outdoor Rated Refrigerator 

  • Model: 3589-DR
  • Outdoor Rated
  • 6.5 Cubic feet of storage
  • Digital Internal Thermometer
  • Lock & Key
  • Adjustable Shelves
  • LED internal Lighting
  • Right or Left hinge
  • Fire Magic style handle 



Outdoor Rated Kegerator

  • Model: 3594-DL
  • Outdoor Rated
  • Double Tap
  • Digital Internal Thermometer
  • Lock & Key
  • Shelves included for additional storage
  • Right or Left hinge
  • Fire Magic style handle 


Premium Refrigerator

  • Model: 3590-DR
  • Cutout: 20″ w x 21¼” d x 34 1/8″ h

Fire Magic’s® Premium Refrigerator keeps beverages chilled to perfection. Custom-designed door is fabricated with a heavy-duty handle and rounded corners for an exclusive look. Handy lock keeps contents safe. When used outdoors, it must be installed in an enclosure.



  • Model: 3590A
  • Cutout: 20″ w x 21¼” d x 34 1/8″ h

4.1 cubic foot. Interior light and, security lock and key. Reversible door hinge and lock. When used outdoors, it must be installed in an enclosure.



Slide-In Refreshment Center With Insulated Top

  • Model: 3596A
  • Cutout: 25″ w x 25″ d x 12″ h
  • Insulated walls for thermal efficiency
  • Removable insulated top panel
  • Bottom drain for ease of cleaning
  • Echelon style face
  • In-front shelf for convenient bottle storage
  • Drain kit included
  • Attached bottle opener
  • Bottle shelf venting for excess water drainage

Drop-In Refreshment Center with Insulated Top

  • Use like an ice cooler in your grill island to keep soda, beer or other beverages cold and frosty. Includes handy drain kit and removable insulated top panel.


Bar Caddy

  • Model: 1D-S0
  • Cutout: 14¼” w x 22¾” d x 12″ h

Bar Caddy comes equipped with a towel bar, bottle opener, sliding storage drawer, two stainless steel bottle sleeves and an installation hanger. Available with the optional steam warming accessory


Built-In Beverage Center

  • Model: 1D-SSA
  • Cutout: 36¾” w x 23½” d x 12″ h

Features top storage shelf rail, faucet with sink and chain, removable bamboo cutting board, storage drawer, wine glass holder, halogen lights, covered heavy-duty blender, insulated ice drawer, and 2 condiment holders.


Sink & Faucet

  • Model: 3587 & 3588
  • Cutout: 14″ w x 14″ d x 17″ h

Adds convenience and functionality to your outdoor kitchen, so clean-up can be done grill side. Purchase separately or together. Sink measures 15” x 15” x 6” and requires a 17” clearance underneath.