Best Infrared Grill

Best Infrared Grill

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Graphic: Best new Infared Grill - Fire Magic Aurora A660 Natural Gas Grill
Fire Magic Aurora A660 Natural Gas Grill Review The designers of the Aurora Infrared grill put almost as much thought into the appearance of this grill, as they did the function. While fairly pricey for the average buyer, infrared technology is well worth the money if you are a serious griller. This model comes pre-assembled, so you wont have to be concerned about putting it together right. You can order one freestanding, with a pedestal mount, or as a component to your built in outdoor kitchen.

Under the hood is an extra large warming rack of 660 sq in, with a 12 in deep firebox, allowing for good circulation of heat in order to minimize hot and old stops under the hood. This will also allow you to smoke, or keep warm whatever you are working on. The built in thermometer comes with a meat probe, making displays as accurate and as professional as any chef may find.

This model is not 100-percent infrared; it has the option of 3 main burners that can be infrared, natural gas, or propane. This combination of burners allows the chef to put a nice sear on their food, or cook it low and slow, all under the same hood. Drawing 25,000 BTUs each, and another 15,000 on the side, you will have more than enough power to provide meals for an entire family reunion. Lastly, this unit also comes with a retractable rotisserie back burner, retractable tool/condiment holder and towel rack, dual storage doors and the sliding propane tray on the freestanding models.

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