Cookin’ With Gas

Cookin’ With Gas

Great article on the advantages of cooking with gas. Thanks for the shout out, Pensacola Hardware!

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When selecting just the right grill for your needs, there are a few key features to consider. These elements can make for an easy and enjoyable grilling experience. “The salt air can be hard on grills,” Nobles said. “For customers who live on the beach, it is best to purchase grills that are predominantly stainless. For high-end outdoor kitchens, Fire Magic is a good choice.

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Sure, there may be three sizes in the Echelon Diamond Collections, but the E1060 is really the only one you should care about when it comes to outdoor grilling. Made by Fire Magic, this barbeque is crafted from high-quality stainless steel, which resists oxidation and corrosion, and comes complete with heavy-duty, stick-resistant cooking grids. Promising more room than any other brands, you’ll be able to cook an entire meal in the E1060 at once. Plus, with a heat range from 200 degrees up to 1,000, you can sear a steak or even bake dessert in there (you probably won’t, but go ahead and test it out).

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Fire Magic Awarded a Gold Medal

Fire Magic Awarded Gold Medal

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Fire Magic grills have been manufactured in California since 1937. These luxury grills exude elegance and quality. Excellent in design and construction, beautiful to behold and priced accordingly. These are among the finest grills made.

In 1982 RH Peterson, pioneers in fabrication of realistic, artificial gas logs, acquired Fire Magic to complement their outdoor lifestyle line. They produce not only free standing gas, coal and electric grills on carts and pedestals, but anything else you need for an outdoor kitchen including smokers, a wide range of attachments and accessories, several different side burners, refrigerators, keg coolers and tappers, rotisserie baskets, ventilation hoods, griddles, pots and pans, tongs and spatulas, and even the kitchen sink.

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