Fire Magic in Toronto

Looking to Buy a Premium Grill in Toronto, Canada?

Fire Magic is the Luxury Brand for You!

Outdoor kitchens have become one of the hottest additions to luxury homes. Today’s high-end outdoor kitchen is complete with all the conveniences of the indoor kitchen including refrigerators, warming drawers, beverage centers and more. And at the centerpiece of it all is a luxury grill with the capability to do everything from sear a steak to bake a cake – a Fire Magic. Often referred to as the “Rolls Royce of grills,” Fire Magic offers a host of features and accessories to deliver the ultimate grilling experience.

For 80 years Fire Magic has been manufacturing superior quality, high performing luxury grills and accessories in the USA. With several select retailers available to choose from in Canada now carrying the Fire Magic product lines including locations in Toronto, learn more about Fire Magic and why its the ideal brand for anyone looking to buy the absolute best outdoor cooking equipment available by visiting one of our Toronto area dealers.

Fire Magic was founded in 1937 by Harold Keck. He had a vision about how outdoor entertaining could be elevated to become luxurious and inviting. He had a brand new premium approach for the backyard barbecue. By utilizing brilliant engineering and applying his passion for high quality products, he drove the design and creation of Fire Magic grills. Today, this brand is the best grill manufacturer in the world. Find out more about us on our “about” page.

Fire Magic is dedicated to producing the highest quality grills and accessories for your lifestyle. If you seek value in every purchase that you make, then our products will not disappoint. Just like the founder of the company, all the engineers, designers, business partners and staff at Fire Magic are committed to ensuring a high-quality experience for you. Our grills are the last ones you’ll ever need to buy, backed by the best warranty in the industry. Discerning and meticulous outdoor cooks in Canada will appreciate our dedication to extreme quality and will realize their dream of creating the ultimate outdoor kitchen that will serve them for years to come with the prestige along with owning a grill of this level of quality. Whether you live in Toronto or anywhere in the country, our grills are built to withstand consistent use – discover infrared grilling and the joy of cooking on a Fire Magic grill and you’ll never go back to another brand.

Discover our collection of premium grills for you including top-quality accessories such as refrigerators, side burners, doors & drawers, and other items that will make you think how you ever got by without them. Every grill from Fire Magic features beauty, durability and high performance. Each one has a collection of amazing features, dedicated fuel options and is available in various sizes. Fire Magic is well known for creating some of the best premium grills in the world and we are excited to bring our luxury grilling brand to Canadian connoisseurs. The models in our grill collection available in Canada at select retailers include:

Echelon Diamond grill series
Aurora grill series
Choice, Legacy and Electric grills series
Charcoal Grills

If you’re looking to build the ultimate Canadian outdoor grilling kitchen, the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond grill series is the flagship model from our brand. Built to deliver the best grilling performance of any BBQ on the market even during a cold Toronto winter or a temperate West-Coast evening, you can be assured of amazing results year-round. No matter which Fire Magic grilling solution you choose, you will be delighted with the consistency and quality that will have you producing restaurant-quality meals at your own home.

Why do Canadians love Fire Magic Grills?

It’s easy – Fire Magic’s unmatched quality, precise craftsmanship, and incomparable consistent cooking results allow Canadian BBQ cooks and chefs the chance to shine both personally and professionally. The Fire Magic brand is sustained by producing the highest quality outdoor grilling products and the creation of meaningful, long-term brand relationships with our customers – whether in Canada, the USA, or around the world. When you trust Fire Magic with your purchase, you understand that a premium grill from our company is a lasting investment. As such, Fire Magic backs up our promise of years of worry-free use with the top grill warranty program in Canada – bar none. Depending on your purchase and the components, your Fire Magic warranty can last from one year to twenty years. Moreover, we have a dedicated staff which is always available to answer your questions at any time. These factors guarantee that you enjoy maximum satisfaction as our customer, something we take very seriously. Our Canadian Fire Magic grills retailers will provide you with the best customer care experience possible.

Already popular in Canadian cities like Toronto, where luxury BBQs and beautiful stainless-steel outdoor kitchens are becoming a sought-after feature for homeowners, cooks, chefs, and caterers, Fire Magic is the brand of choice to satisfy even the most demanding barbecue enthusiast. We are proud to support the Canadian market and know that investing in a Fire Magic grill will be an investment that you will be proud to make.

Where to Buy Fire Magic in Canada