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Cookin’ With Gas

Cookin’ With Gas

Great article on the advantages of cooking with gas. Thanks for the shout out, Pensacola Hardware!

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When selecting just the right grill for your needs, there are a few key features to consider. These elements can make for an easy and enjoyable grilling experience. “The salt air can be hard on grills,” Nobles said. “For customers who live on the beach, it is best to purchase grills that are predominantly stainless. For high-end outdoor kitchens, Fire Magic is a good choice. Votes Fire Magic Top Luxury Grill for 2017

Fire Magic grills have been manufactured in California since 1937. These luxury grills exude elegance and quality. Excellent in  design and construction, beautiful to behold and priced accordingly. These are among the finest grills made.

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Wall Street Journal

Wall Street Journal


Echelon Grill – Combination Gas and Electric

Grilling at another level

Grilling at another level

Fire Magic’s new Echelon grill is a high-tech smoker, rotisserie oven and barbecue all in one. Unlike many grills, which are purely gas-powered, the Echelon is combination gas and electric. The main grill lights using a hot-surface ignition system, much like the way a clothes dryer turns on, rather than the usual pilot light. Price: $7,385.

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Esquire Magazine

Esquire Magazine – Featuring Fire Magic

Great American Things

News Item - Esquire MagazineEsquire Magazine and Made Collection have launched the Great American Things holiday gift collection. A collection of 48 products including the Fire Magic Echelon Diamond E790, that are made in the USA and certified “damn good” by Esquire. The collection is featured in the Esquire December issue and on the Made Collection website. See the complete collection and the specific product profile at The product description was written by grilling guru and Esquire contributor Steven Raichlen (you’ll recall we provided a Fire Magic Echelon Diamond for his BBQ University class)