Aurora Portable Grills

Aurora Portable Grills

Superior design and engineering power the Aurora’s unparalleled performance. With many of the outstanding features of it’s sister Echelon series at a more affordable price, the Aurora delivers cooking versatility, durability and longevity in a beautifully crafted machine. All Aurora Grills include interior halogen lights & hot surface ignition.


Aurora A660s Portable Grill with Single Side Burner
A660s-6EAN*-62 (with Analog Thermometer shown)

grill-lg-aurora-a540sAurora A540s Portable Grill with Single Side Burner
A540s-6EAN*-62 (with Analog Thermometer shown)
grill-lg-aurora-a430sAurora A430s Portable Grill with Single Side Burner
A430s-6EAN*-62 (with Analog Thermometer shown)

Aurora A430s Patio Post Mount Grill
A430s-6EAN*-P6 (with Analog Thermometer shown)

Aurora A430s In-Ground Post Mount Grill
A430s-6EAN*-G6 (with Analog Thermometer shown)

Aurora A830s Gas/Charcoal Combo
Portable Grill

A830s-6EAN*-CB (Anlg Thermo shown)