Echelon Diamond Portable Grill

Echelon Portable Gas Grill
Echelon Portable gas grills

Echelon Diamond Portable Grill

Our top of the line Fire Magic, the Diamond Echelon combines the best in performance, beauty, luxury and innovation. When only the best will do, The Fire Magic Diamond Echelon. Superior craftsmanship, sleek design and exceptional features make this the ultimate cooking machine.

FM_E1060s-51_Echelon Portable Grill with Power Burner and Window_2017
Echelon E1060s Portable Grill
(Power Burner & optional Window shown)
FM_E790s-71_Echelon Portable Gas Grill with Dbl Side Burner_2017
Echelon E790s Portable Grill
(Double Side Burner shown)
FM_E660s-62_Echelon Portable Gas Grill with Single Side Burner_2017

Echelon E660s Portable Grill
(Single Side Burner shown)

Echelon E1060s “A” Series Portable Grill
(Single Side Burner shown)

Echelon E790s “A” Series Portable Grill
(Double Side Burner shown)

Echelon E660s “A” Series Portable Grill
(Single Side Burner shown)


*All models available in natural gas or propane (for propane change N to P in the model number).