Charcoal Grills

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charcoal grill

Charcoal Grills

High performance charcoal grills are available in a variety of models including Built-In, Portable, Post Mount and Drop-In. Fire Magic® delivers quality and style to the charcoal grill enthusiast.

built in charcoal grills
30”  Built-In Charcoal Grill
( 14-SC01C-A shown) 24” Built-in Charcoal Grill
( 12-SC01C-A)
portable charcoal grill
30”Portable Charcoal Grill
( 24-SC01C-61 shown)24”Portable Charcoal Grill
( 22-SC01C-61)
drop in charcoal grill
31” Firemaster Drop-In Grill
( 3324* shown)24” Firemaster Drop-In Grill
( 3329*)
built in charcoal grills
32” Lift-A-Fire Built-In Grill
( 3334* shown)
pedestal charcoal grill
Charcoal In-Ground Post Mount Grill (shown)

Charcoal Patio Post Mount Grill

* Cooking grids and ovens (if desired) for Firemaster & Lift-A-Fire Slide-In must be ordered separately.